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Address for donations only:
Great Dane Angle Network
501 Ridge Country Road
Haslet, TX 76052  

100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!

Here are just a few scenes at last years show, we have such great fun.

Here's Goliath, showing off that good foster home training he has been enjoying! Olie brought his family along for a visit too! Scooby Doo, sleeping Sue (the People) & Kirin (the Dane)
Just a "typical" American family! Zena and Gus with their new family. Lounging Danes, tired from all that socializing Carol always was the fancy one, dressing her Danes in seasonal attire... Sue also fostered Zena for a short while. Now, Zena is in a new home!
The whole gang posing for cameras!     Verijean, Karen,. Dillon and Hammer, some of our visiting Danes and friends!
Cervantes and Leelu here, are posing for the camera while Master and Mistress EB and Becky stand hang around! Allie and Dave with Bruno wanting to be in the middle of things!

Here's the beautiful Native American artwork that was on display. It was made by our own Dusti. Dusti offered this piece for sale, with the proceeds going to our D.A.N.E general fund. As we are 100% volunteer, all proceeds go directly to the assistance of these wonderful dogs, with no administrative costs! Mercedes, one of our more expensive friends, really appreciates your support!

Goliath has many admirers; among them is Emma and Ron.