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Jan 1993 - March 2005

Thursday morning, March 10th my best and dearest friend, my loving brindle boy Buck passed to the Rainbow Bridge to await me. He was 12 yrs and 3 months old. He and his sister Trixie (Jan 1993 - June 2004) were my first adopted rescues and they forever changed my life.

It was thru Buck and Trixie that I learned this very important thing - separate and break the bond between littermates living in the same home! No one advised me of the importance of this, and as a result these two were "hell on wheels" for the first 3 years! We finally ended up in Obedience Class, where our world opened up. Thought Buck originally failed his first class and we were told some private lessons would be advised, he eventually became my model boy! It seems grace and dignity blossom with age!

In 1999 I became involved again with Rescue, coming a foster home. Buck was
delighted to have new friends! Over the years, Buck helped many a foster Dane come to trust and know love again. He was my ambassador, he always greeted each new foster with a wag and a willingness to show them around the place.
He taught many the joys of killing the squeaky thing in the stuffed toys, the joy of a zoomie, to thrill to "just chill" and most important he taught most how to be a successful mooch and couch potato.

He was my eyes and ears at night, waking me if there was ever a problem with
a foster, or if one just couldn't "hold it" any longer. He would lay by those being nursed, holding a paw so to speak and letting them know they were not alone, he was there and he'd make sure the nurse <me> knew what was needed. He maintained order and discipline in the ranks, always firm but gentle. Let a foster think they could "get one over on Mom" and he'd show them just how silly that thought was. He taught many that shopping the counters was not acceptable, that the remote control wasn't a new chew toy and that Mom's beloved books were completely off limits!

If I know Buck, he's at the Bridge right now making sure that no one gets left out of anything, inviting all the newbies to come over and play, extolling the virtues of laying in the sun or tricking some one off the couch! He knows where snacks are at and how to get some one to get him one! He already has the angels wrapped around his paw!

You are missed dear one but your legacy forever lives on. We will be together again one day.