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Great Dane Angle Network
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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!


My Guardian “Angel”

I said “Honey, how about a Great Dane?” 

He looked at me as though I were crazy.  We were living in an apartment and in the process of closing on our first home.  We had three children ages 5 years, 3 years and 9 months.  So, looking back on it, I could probably agree that I was off my rocker and not playing with a full deck.  The following Saturday we went to a mobile adoption to look at the selection of furbabies that needed loving homes. 

Standing off to the side were a classy looking blonde and a skinny sad-eyed merle girl who had obviously just had puppies.  I began to visit with the lady who explained the story behind this special girl (whose name, I learned, was appropriately Angel). 

She was rescued in Henderson County from a life in a junkyard.  She was heartworm positive and had just had 8 puppies in a junked car and, sadly, 5 of them fell out and under the car where their mommy couldn’t save them and they passed away before their lives ever truly began.  The surviving puppies had all been placed and now Angel was looking for her forever home. 

My heart went out and I fell in love.  Unfortunately yet understandably, it was brought to my attention that rescues did not make it a habit to “hold” dogs for anyone if another suitable home came along and we still had not closed on our home.  Darn!!!  We returned home approved to adopt but bummed because we just knew that Angel, as sweet as she was, would be adopted before we were ready for her. 

About a week later, just before closing day, my husband found an ad in the paper for a rescued dane.  I called the number and started talking with the foster mom.  She got a few lines into her story and I said “Is this Angel that we are talking about?”  Foster mom, Midge, was stunned.  I explained that I was the one with the kiddos that had sat and talked to her at the mobile and that we were about to close and I wanted Angel soooooo badly. 

We enthusiastically agreed that it was fate.  We moved into our house and within 24 hours after closing I called Midge to bring my baby to me and perform the home check.  Midge and Angel arrived and my girl pranced in like she already owned the place…. and boy did she ever!!!  We signed the adoption contract.  Yippee!  She was mine!!!!!! 

I got “Daned” and began fostering right away.  Within a month we had our second dane and they were connected at the hip.  Angel ran the household.  She played gently with my kids and not-so-gently with my husband.  -- Hey, I warned you not to rough house with a dog that was as big as you!!  She curled up with mom on the couch. 

She was my shadow and would literally wait outside the door when I had to duck into the ladies room.  She made sure that I knew that she was still number one anytime a new foster would come in.  I, in turn, made sure that SHE knew that she was still number one.  She stole my kids stuffed animals and turned them into not-so-stuffed animals.  She accompanied me on my walks in my endeavor to lose some unwanted pounds.  She even assisted me with my quest in keeping my girlish figure by finishing off the French fries that she decided I really didn’t need.  How thoughtful. 

She walked proudly in a rescue parade.  She comforted me when my three year old lost an eye.  I leaned on her and she leaned on me (quite literally).  I had seen and heard of many danes succumbing to the monster that is bloat but never thought in a million years that I had to worry about that with my healthy girl.


In the early morning hours of November 26, 2003, my precious girl went to the Rainbow Bridge.  She fought a battle that she couldn’t win and it happened so suddenly.  At 11 pm I was kissing her goodnight and at 2:30 am I was kissing her goodbye.   I hope she knows how very much she meant to our family. 

Thank you, Angel. 
For the laughs, the hugs and all the priceless memories. 
You will never be replaced and certainly never forgotten. 
Now you are truly my
 “Guardian Angel”. 

We Will Always Love You

Mom, Dad, Linzy, Dalton, Landon, Stone and Titan