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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

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LACY!  One can not say enough about this wonderful dog.  Though the people that surrendered her assured us she had "papers", it is very doubtful that Lacy is full Dane, though she could be a product of less than careful breeding.  However, regardless of her DNA, her behavior and manners are impeccable.  Furthermore, she is instantly responsive when her name is called and will, without fail, come running from where ever she was to present herself at your feet!  It is impressive.  Many of us wish our dogs would react in such a quick and loyal way.  :-)  She also rides well in the car, gives kisses and hugs and is not a barky dog.

Lacy is a fawn color, her ears are cropped, and she stands the minimum female Dane standard height of 28 inches at the shoulder.  She had been allowed to become very over weight and is now on a program of walking everyday and eating quality food of much less proportions.  She had already been spayed and her tests for heartworms  were negative.  Yea!  Her hair was filthy and covered in fleas with longish, curly hair on her back.  Being clean and with her daily brushing, much of that odd hair is gone and she is beginning to look like she might have a waist line again soon.  She is very easy to walk and actually tries to walk right beside you.  She has been taken off leash and will not run away.

Lacy is VERY people oriented and only wants to stay beside her humans.  She has met several new dogs without even blinking and without a concern.  She blends in nicely anywhere she is taken and is just a very happy and mannerly girl.  It has been reported that she loves cats and it is told that she has carried kittens around at her former home gently in her mouth!  She sits and stays on command.  As said, she walks like a dream on her daily work out routine every morning and she has shown the sweetest nature to every person, young or otherwise, that she has met, with immediate wags, smiles, and adoring looks up into your face.  She likes snuggling too.  But she will lie quietly, waiting to be joined on the couch or her bed, or to be asked to do something, or ANYTHING!  She's just ready when you're ready.  :-)

She is enchanting and calm, and fits in anywhere she gets to go.  Her foster home adores her and says she's a prize waiting to be discovered and that someone is going to be very very lucky to get this loyal, adoring, obedient friend and companion.