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Jimmy seems to be a young boy, about 1-1/2 to 2 years estimated age, harlequin with blue eyes.  He loves everyone he meets, and he greets us with a friendly smile and big wags.  He has been observed with other dogs and exhibits only curiosity and friendliness.  He has also been observed being very patient with small growly/biting dogs, even standing still while humans removed one little guy from hanging on his lips!  Not many dogs would allow that without some objection.  :-)  He loves affection, is trying hard to walk on leash without pulling, has a sense of humor, and has won the hearts of everyone that has met this outgoing, sweet big kid.

His ears are short cropped and do stand.  He IS big and strong, though not real tall.  He seems to have suffered through what looks like HOD as a puppy, making his front leg curved, and his back legs cow-hocked.  He has been examined by our vets and observed running, dancing, walking, playing, and does not seem to be in any pain.  He is good with people of all ages and was trusted with toddlers in his former home.  He is good with dogs and cats as well.  He is now being crate trained and learning fast.  He's a very willing school kid and wants very much to please his people.

He was given up by a family that was going on vacation and threatened to dump him along the side of the road if we did not take him immediately off their hands.  His feet are flat most probably from lack of nutrition and there was no evidence offered as to his history or of any vet care given.

He has good house manners so far and is being lovingly spoiled in a special foster home.  He is being taken to his foster mom's work daily where she lets him play at the puppy day care with other dogs.  He is a smiley, outgoing, good-natured young boy who has suffered enough neglect and whatever else he's endured.  And now he is looking for someone to appreciate him for the special dog he is.  He will need obedience work, as most Danes and most dogs do, and he will have a great time in classes, we will bet on it.  All who meet Jimmy love him immediately and he returns the feelings double back.  He will make the right home a very special and loyal companion.


We took him to Petsmart and he got 2 new collars and a new leash  and of course some toys . He was so happy to meet everyone and never growled at even the dogs that were barking at him.  People of course flocked to him  asking what kind of dog he was.  (I had to explain about his legs about 50 times but that was alright  with me.)

Here is the thing  about Jimmy .... he met a lady today at Petsmart that asked if she could pet him . I told her he would of course love that , she squatted down and   he gave her that Dane love ! Slobbery kisses !!!

She asked about how old he was and we told her his story . She said goodbye to him and then said she wished there was something she could do but she had 2 huge dogs at home already. I told her  not to worry that he would be in a good foster home with us till he found the right family and that he would go to someone pretty fast  because of his sweetness .

She found us about 15 min later in the store and told Jimmy ( not us)  that she had bought him some stuff and left it at the front check stand .

Sure enough when we checked out  ( how did Jimmy spend 60 bucks ??)  there was a bag of stuff  for him , some natural dog treats , huge greenies and a knuckle bone !  He scored - I am not sure if it was the fact that he is cute or the fact that today he is wearing those  Hawaiian leis  on his neck  LOL !

See... Jimmy James is a powerful Dane - he knows how to play the chicks already  LOL.  So needless to say  he is the man about town today.

And at home, he has been in and out so much I think he is just happy someone will open the door when he goes to it .

He didn't give any trouble going in his crate and we have a big bed in there.  He didn't try to get out that we can tell and he was just sitting there when we got back home after 4 hours .


He is making friends all over  the place . The boys from the wrestling team are all calling him Jimmy James  . He is going to have his pic made again in his t-shirt.  He is now part of the Bedford Fire Dept and he will be going up to get his pic made in front of the trucks this weekend .