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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

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Carlys update

update 9-23-04

This sweet puppy has come a long way in her recovery, physically and emotionally.  She is off all medication now and continues to get well and thrive with good care, good nutrition and proper vet attention.  She will make a lovely addition to the right sensitive home. 

The following is an excerpt from her foster home's report on her progress.......

"Miss Carly is doing so great! Her hair has almost all grown in and she looks beautiful!!! She is not quite as shy as she was before. :) She has turned into a very silly and loving girl. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She is completely crate trained and potty trained. She has learned sit - most of the time. 
She is going to make a great addition  to any family she gets to join. She loves people and other dogs. She even likes the cats. She chases them some but just wants to love on them. She just looks at them and whimpers when she can't kiss them. She loves to run.  She just loves to play and play and play. We have a little stray puppy here right now and they are best friends. They fall asleep chewing on each other. So cute!"

CARLY is a 10 month old merle and white puppy and the sister of Shadow, who came in 2 months ago ahead of her.  She is also suffering from severe demodectic mange over much of her body and some kind of bite or deep wound on the back of her neck.  She doesn't look her best at the moment but she is undergoing intense medical care and is in a loving foster home which also is fostering her brother, Shadow.  She is now getting good nutrition to help her immune system begin to recover and is learning to trust her new humans and play with the other dogs.  She was not in the nearly comatose condition that her brother came in with but she was lethargic from being a VERY sick puppy.  She is expected to follow her brother's lead and make a wonderful recovery, though it will not happen over night.

We can use any donation helpful folks would like to make to her vet bills which will probably be as high as Shadow's, which were over $1500 (and those bills are not paid for yet either).

Even in this state of open wounds and illness, Carly knows she is among trusted people and will wag if her name is said across the room!  She was pretty shy and scared when she came in to us but she is responding nicely to love, good food, and gentleness provided in her foster home.  She is affectionate and gives Dane hugs, and is beginning to play with the resident dogs like a happy puppy.  She is showing us her inner sweet beauty of the true Dane nature now and soon she will be the very pretty girl on the outside that she was born to be when she recovers.

Please consider helping us with her medical bills as they will be large ones.