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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

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BO is a senior Dane, his age being in question as the info we have received about him is in conflict.  He is a cropped harlequin who has been kept his whole life in a small back yard pen which he had to share with a 13 year old Lab.  They also had to 'share' one dog house inside this pen which was only big enough for one of the dogs.  Reportedly, he was not taken out for walks or rides or talked to very much either.  He is a little scared right now as he has just come out of that world and is now in a place where he is getting attention, is being kept inside, and is getting good food and veterinary care.  He is responding nicely in a friendly manner, but he appears amazed that people want to talk to him or walk with him!

We will have photos up for him soon and more info from his foster home as they learn more about this Dane boy who has apparently not experienced very much about the world.  He will be shown lots of love and will be seeing and learning a lot about his new world soon.  Good surprises are coming for you sweet boy....wait and see.....  :-)

UPDATE on Bo Branson!  Oct 3........Bo has been a VERY easy addition to his foster home.  He gets along with all the other dogs, has proven to have excellent house manners, and is a quiet unassuming sweet boy.  He is affectionate and has charmed his foster mom and dad who allow him his snuggle time next to them on the couch.  He also loves to play with toys and will entertain himself quietly with them.  He is very nicely crate trained and by himself chooses his open crate to take naps in every day.  He loves his daily walks with the other dogs and is easy to handle on leash.  He lives with cats and simply ignores them.  Bo has a presence about him that should charm anyone that meets him.  He will make a wonderfully loyal addition to the right home.


BO BRANSON.... UPDATE 9-23.....This boy has shown a resilience and a wonderful Dane nature, not to mention stunning good looks!  His foster home says he responds to the name Bo Branson and they think he is one of the best fosters they've had the experience and privilege to help.  He has maintained excellent house manners, loves his colossal size crate, door open or closed, and loves to gently play with stuffed toys.  He gets along with all the other resident Danes and totally leaves the cats alone.  He loves his daily walks and is easy on the leash.  He is sweet, loves to get and give affection, and in general has simply been no problem to add to the household.  He is a gracious, handsome gentleman that is an ambassador to our beloved breed.