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Foster update on Scooby 4-9-03

Scooby has been learning basic obedience and is getting along with 3 other dogs and a cat in his foster home.  He has good house manners and is good in his crate.  He is responsive, affectionate and playful.  He is a calm dog that can amuse himself, but also loves to ride in the car and go for walks with the gang.  He likes people, and can give a very enthused "Dane hug", as his pictures show

Scooby will be 5 years old in April.  He is a dramatic looking harlequin with natural ears!  He was bought as a puppy from Germany and shipped to his first home in America.  He is a big boy and has a thick, heavy-boned German look about him with a big beautiful square head.  And his unique coloring and size make him stand out in a crowd

It is not known why his first home gave him up.  His second home gave him up because they were pregnant and had no more time for him.  His third home gave him up to rescue because the couple had broken up, leaving Scooby abandoned in the apartment for a month.  It is assumed that someone occasionally came to let him out and to give him some food.  When he was delivered to our rescue, he had a horrid stench from urine and feces.  His examination revealed a severe bloody urinary tract infection causing a blockage and putting him in major discomfort.  His vet care was mostly nonexistent with vaccinations not up to date and no records of any regular health examinations.  He is, however, NOT heartworm positive!  Yea!!  He now is getting the proper medical care and is on his way to recovery

According to his former owners, he is supposed to like people and be good with kids and other dogs but his attitude toward cats is unknown.  He seems like a huge friendly Panda Bear that is sweet and ready to go where the action is.  He is a strong boy and it is not certain yet if he was taught any obedience or not.  He will need someone accustomed to handling a giant and willing to take Scooby to obedience training where he will most certainly excel and be the star in the crowd!