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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Dane Angel Network Enterprise

Dedicated to help Great Danes have a life of quality with dignity and love.


She is a 8 month old female puppy. She has rampant Demodectic mange, swollen infected feet and skin, pus-filled eyes, fever, and a urinary tract infection! She was so sick and weak, she had to be carried into the veterinary hospital, shivering and bleeding from skin sores. Rather than provide the necessary medical care, her owners were going to shoot her. A young Good Samaritan stopped them and called our Dane Angel Network imploring us to help save this innocent young dog.

...And presenting, the New Mercedes!

She has improved in record time (only two months!) with much medications, and a special diet and supplements to help build her immune system so that she could heal herself. She has had the necessary harsh dips to kill the demodectic mange that had taken over her whole body, and has now grown a soft healthy coat as can be seen in her new photos of her standing proud! There are a few scabs left that are also going away but she has made a striking recovery in a short amount of time. She has survived the ugly neglect that caused her to fail in health and have to be carried, sick and bleeding into our veterinarian's office in February. Her foster home has provided an important loving and nurturing environment in which Mercedes felt safe, loved and happy and has helped her to blossom into the young, healthy puppy she is today. She is great with kids, large and small dogs and anybody that walks up to meet her. She is outgoing, waggy and very responsive and affectionate. She will probably be a small Dane due to her severe illness, but she has a year and 3 more months to mature and grow! She is a testimony to the forgiving and gentle nature of the Great Dane breed and will make a wonderful addition to the lucky adopters that get her!"

If you follow this web page, you have been watching as Mercedes has come of age, healed from near death, and now, has blossomed into a well trained beautiful Great Dane puppy! She is a treat to be with, as all good Danes are, and shows all kinds of signs of real personality.

These pictures were taken when Mercedes was taken in about the first week of Februrary, 2002. What a poor puppy she was, near death, bruised and bleeding,,,

Then, a few weeks later, there were signs of life and healing!

Well over a month after her arival, Mercedes is well on the mend, becoming sociable with her foster family, and wounds healing up...

She loves her foster mom!

Pictures, in Late March, 2002. What progress this girl is making!

Foster Family Feedback

Mercedes is shy but very sweet and wants to trust. She is a very sick little girl that will have to be kept under the veterinarian's care until she is well enough to go to a foster home. Her rehabilitation will be expensive and take a while but we are hopeful she will make a full recovery. Anyone wishing to help us with her medical bills, please click on the Contacts page on our website for the address to send a donation, or call one of our volunteers listed for questions.

Mercedes finally was able to go to a foster home, Monday, February 12 2002, after several weeks of being in the Vet hospital. Her foster family say she is definately on the mend! She has put on some weight and her sores are healing. She is doing very well learning her house manners including potty training, likes her crate and has already learned "sit" for her treats. Mercedes enjoys the company of the fosters three children and is starting to play. Mercedes definately craves affection!