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New foster info:  11-02-02.  LANEY, also known as KATIE, had to come back into rescue for a new home.  She loved her new home and they loved her but their work kept them away from home for 12 hours a day and Laney could not hold her water that long.  She is sad to be looking for another home again but she needs either someone with shorter working hours, home during the day (which all good dogs wish for!), or someone that can come home at lunch time.  She has tested clean from heartworms!  Yea!  And is ready to begin a new life with a family for her to care for.  She looks good and obviously feels good and will give you that laughable 'Laney smile' to prove it to you!  She meets dogs well, is excellent with cats, loves 'woobies', walks and to 'go with' in the car.  She's a couch potato that can get up and get those legs walkin' with the best of them and is ready to be a loving, loyal and very special companion.

Laney is about 5 years old. She was dumped at an animal control with tons of fleas teeming all over her body, eating her alive. The vets were amazed at the huge number of bloody fleas that fell off her in her kennel! She has crusts and scabs and infection all over her skin. She itches everywhere. Her toenails are so long they have begun to curl under . Someone had shaved large patches of her hair off for some reason, and what little hair that was left on her was burned by the sun from living with no shelter. She has hard calluses on her elbows from having to live outside on dirt and cement. She is heartworm positive and must now go through expensive heartworm treatment. After all she must have lived through, she is VERY sweet and friendly to everyone! She is responsive and interested, rides like a gem in the car, is easy to walk on a regular collar, and obviously wants to please. She is a loving, gentle girl that gives the most endearing lap hugs! She has not been cared for well but her spirit is alive and well, and some lucky family will be very happy to cherish her the rest of her life!

New Pictures on Laney: She is just a relaxed fun Dane! See Foster update below.

Laney and her new family

When she just arrived...

My my, what an affectionate girl this one is! She will be a wonderful friend to the right person.

Foster Family Feedback

8-21-02 A little foster home update on Laney:

LANEY has completed the medication part of her heartworm treatment and is doing so well. She has grown a full coat of nice black hair and her body has even taken on a nice shape. She looks tons better! Her foster mom continues to chuckle every time Laney 'smiles'! She gets so enthused that she lifts her lips in a funny quick and toothy grin. She plays now with the other Danes and ALWAYS follows her foster mom around the house, where ever she goes. She will pick up a stuffed toy (her Woobie baby) and proudly carry it around, squeaking it so sweetly. And don't forget the cool lap hugs she loves to give you! She is calm, charming, dog friendly, tolerant, respectful of human space, crate trained, always obedient, loves food and treat biscuits. She still hesitates at the entrance to the door, obviously wondering if she will be invited inside! This makes her foster mom's heart tug! But she is experiencing all the love, fun, spoiling and respect she deserved from the moment she was born. And she is thoroughly eating it up!

7-25-2 LANEY is finishing her heartworm treatment and is doing very well. Almost all of her hair has grown back and she is now a black Dane again! Her calluses are getting softer now that she has been given a soft fluffy bed. Her foster mom says Laney is the easiest dog to have around and has never given any trouble of any kind. She is gentle and so willing to please. She has begun to feel better and has engaged her companion Danes in play. She allows the resident cat to poke her nose into her ears! That would make her excellent with cats! It has been discovered lately that Laney 'smiles'! She gets so excited and happy and just lifts her lips and shows her teeth in a smile! It is very funny to watch. She has a cute sense of humor and is very affectionate and grateful for everything. She is never in the way and never pushy or demanding. She seems thrilled to get biscuits and good food regularly! There is EVERYTHING to love about this sweet, innocent dog that got a bad start with inhumane humans, but who now is still amazed and reveling in her good fortune to have been rescued!

7-02-02 Foster update. Laney's hair is growing back! The scabs and scales and dandruff are almost all gone and her skin and body are looking much healthier. She has a nice attitude around other dogs and goes along with whatever the program happens to be at the time. She is a happy, willing dog that learns very quickly. She is very nicely crate trained now and sleeps all night long in it without a peep. She follows her foster mom and dad all over the house and plunks herself down nearby them for company. She is learning some obedience and has very good manners inside the house. She loves people and meets everyone with a wag and with interest. She is a very nice companion dog that loves to walk and participate. Her foster mom says she is a very easy girl to love and include in the home with the other resident Danes and the cat, who she does NOT chase or bother in the least. Yea! Laney is sweet and affectionate and is looking for someone that would appreciate those lap hugs that she loves to give!

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