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To send donations to help this 100% Volunteer group take care of Great Danes send personal checks or money orders to:

Address for donations only:
Great Dane Angle Network
501 Ridge Country Road
Haslet, TX 76052  

100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!

D. A. N. E.

Dane Angel Network Enterprise

Dedicated to help Great Danes have a life of quality with dignity and love.


Lacey is almost 6 years old. She has beautiful mantle coloring and cropped ears that will stand. She was over fed and is very over weight, but she will lose weight when she begins to get quality food in the proper amounts. She was given up because her family no longer wanted her. She is very submissive and shy at first but wants to trust. She is great with birds, dogs and cats, though is frightened around small children. She is affectionate, wants to please, and is a very gentle girl. To meet Lacey is to like her on the spot! She will make a wonderful companion dog to the lucky family that gets to adopt her!

Foster Family Feedback

Lacey's foster mom and dad say she is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She is learning basic obedience and is getting along with two other dogs and a cat. Lacey is very overweight and is on a special diet to help her lose the weight. She has a calm, sweet attitude and has been very ease to include in their household.