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Foster update 8-31-02.  Dakota's foster family says he is handling life and being spoiled like the champ that he is.  He sleeps with mom and dad at times, and in the mornings, he happily runs into the children's rooms to wake them up with a nudge and a kiss!  He has met all the family's friends with a friendly wag and invitation to see all his 'toys'!  When the family has given parties, he has been such a charming gentleman that the guests all want to take him home with them.  He is a funny and enthused boy that has come a long way from near starvation at the end of a chain!  He will make a wonderful easy addition to a lucky family's home.

DAKOTA seems to be about 1 1/2 to 2 years old, according to our vets, though his owner said he is only a year old. He is emaciated and weighs 67 pounds. If properly cared for, he should weigh 115 to 120 pounds. He is merle with nice natural ears, sad eyes, and a very sweet and calm nature. He appears to not be used to affection, kindness or any handling. He is, however, easy to manage and is beginning to wag his tail a little inside of one day at our vet hospital. He is tall and gentle but is very sick at this time. He has hook worms and whip worms and, sadly, also has heartworms! He has a big round bony injury on his front leg that appears to have been broken and healed by itself. He also has sores all over, cuts in places, and has heavy calluses on his elbows. He also has a broken tooth which appears to be open to the nerve. He is now getting the necessary medications and will have x-rays and surgery this week to determine what else he will need medically. His body has been a little bruised but the Dane spirit is there. He is a sweet boy that is going to enjoy feeling better soon and will be a very grateful soul.

He was rescued by an elderly gentleman from someone that had Dakota and his sibling chained in a filthy back yard. When Dakota's sibling died of starvation the elderly man asked if he could have Dakota to care for him better. He brought him home and promptly tied him in HIS back yard with enough rope to allow Dakota to get under the HOUSE for shelter! A charitable organization helping the elderly discovered Dakota in very bad condition, left outside in the weather, and failing in health. It was learned that the man could not afford medical care or food for the dog so they asked him to give him up to our rescue for the sake of saving the dog's life. Dakota will be further evaluated as soon as he is well enough to go to a foster home.

Foster Family Feedback

Update on Dakota 7-23-02,

Dakota has begun his heartworm treatment and is doing well. He is happy and loving and feeling and looking much better since he has gained 30 much needed pounds, thanks to his loving foster home. He likes everyone he meets and gets along with small and large dogs and is living peaceably with the resident cat. He is gentle, loving, and easy to handle and will make a wonderful addition to a lucky home!

Foster home update June 20, 2002: DAKOTA remains a very sweet unassuming boy in his foster home. He is getting along and playing with the other two Great Danes and their smaller dog. He leaves the resident cat alone and does not chase him. Yea! He is not selfish about attention but wants to be everywhere his people are. He is gentle and likes the older children as well as the adults in the house. He likes stuffed toys ("woobie babies") and carries a favorite one everywhere. He likes to sleep with them too! He has great house manners and is generally loose in the house when the family is home. He is very nicely crate trained and his foster mom says he is a very easy dog to include their household!