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This is BEAMER!  He is about 12 weeks old and is a handsome harlequin puppy, with natural ears.  He was bought by a senior citizen at a garage sale!  When the man took him home, he discovered he couldn't keep him outside because his fence had fallen down.  He gave this puppy to another family who kept him outside in the cold with a shed for shelter.  Beamer was given to rescue because the resident Chihuahua hated him and would attack him.

Beamer was a little shy in his foster home at first but quickly came out of that entirely, blossoming into a very happy, sweet natured puppy that wants to play and play and play!  He is in the process of getting all the vetting that was not given him previously and seems to be a healthy boy.  He plays with all the dogs in the house, has learned to be good in his crate, already has learned to go outside to potty, and has learned to 'sit' and 'down' on command.  He is also good on a leash when he gets to go for a short walk!  He is a quick learner and is responsive when called.  His foster mom and dad say he is just a joy to include in the home!  He will need a home where someone is present all day to continue his good potty habits every couple hours, and continue the good puppy training he has been started on.

Foster Update

Beamer is a really good little kid. He's pottying outside on or off leash, eating well, sleeping well in the crate, walking on a leash, etc.  He is very lively - a pretty high energy pup but very people oriented.  Just tags around at our heels, comes when called, etc. He is suspicious of strangers but will warm up to them with encouragement. I believe he is going through a fear period which is a common developmental phase with dogs. He will continue to need a LOT of socialization with people until he gets over this fear period but I really believe his basic temperament is great. With the right socialization and handling he should be a really outgoing, friendly dog. He'd probably do very well in obedience or agility with his energy drive - at the least, he should go to a home with people who have the time and energy to keep him occupied! Otherwise he'll be really destructive - he loves to chew!