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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

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Lucy update 3-28-09
Lucy is feeling tons better and continues to grow her hair back, though it looks kind of strange at this in-between time.  She should be a dashing blonde when all that hair is back.  :-)  She has gained a lot of confidence, has charmed the whole vet office AND her foster home with her sweetness, and is showing a lot of happy puppyhood now.  She responds so gratefully to kindness.  She is now looking for someone to continue to teach her basic obedience and manners, give her daily walks and playtimes, and include her in whatever family affairs and events she can tag along to.  We all find her to be a great young dog with a forgiving and loving attitude who is ready to look after a family that will love her and show her how wonderful life can be. 
Lucy is such a love!  She wants love and gives love.  She has blossomed from day one when she saw that she was actually wanted for a change.  She met and got along with 3 other dogs and 2 cats right away.  Then she began learning the ropes immediately, watching the other dogs, and learning words from her new humans.  :-)  She learns fast too.
She is great in her crate when it is crate time.  She is learning "sit", "come", "potty time", "in your crate", and likes that she gets treats and biscuits.  She obviously loves food and is happy to get a constant supply now of quality nutrition.  Her health shows big improvements.  Her damaged and scabbed skin is so much better now that the scabs have come off and the growth of new hair is on the way.  It was discovered after the swelling went down and the scabs came off of her head and neck that there was something under the skin moving around.  While on the table being spayed the vets found that she'd been shot with pellets which were still under her skin.  The pellets were removed (see the picture of the jagged edges).  This is appalling to know that Lucy as a little puppy had been shot and that these pellets have been under her skin for months.  Being neglected pretty much from the beginning of her life, her immune system became compromised and she became ill.  She is, however, on her way up now and is exhibiting puppy activity, great enthusiasm for everything, and most importantly seeing that she is loved and respected.  She has literally bloomed in front of our eyes.
Though her coat is still in the repair stages, she is ready to find that family (yes, she loves kids and other dogs, even cats and birds) that will continue to teach her about the GOOD in the world, and to tell her how beautiful she is inside and out.  She's a gentle puppy that got a hard start, but she is affectionate, sweet, kissy, and will try hard to please.  She will reward the lucky home who gets to love her 10 times over.  That would be puppy love at its best.  :-)

This is LUCY.  This little fawn girl is about 9 months old.  She has been severely neglected which is apparent in her pictures.  The camera did not capture the full extent of how bad her skin infections look in real life.  She apparently was bought as a puppy from a store sidewalk along with other litter mates.  Her purchaser said later that he had wanted a Boxer and not her, and was getting ready to literally throw her on the side of the road.  She was taken in by folks to prevent this from happening.  She has sadly been kept outside and obviously not been given good nutrition in her short life and has developed terrible immune system and skin problems, some of which are now infected and bursting like abscesses.  She was infested with internal parasites but by some luck is heartworm negative.  The vet has determined that she has demodectic mange and is treating her with harsh dips to get rid of them.  She has not been socialized at all and is shy when meeting anyone.  However, she warms up pretty fast when she sees she will not be hurt.  When she does this, you can see that she is a snuggler, a talker, a lover, and so very much wants to please.  She is calm (not sure yet if this is from being sick), easy to be with and easy to handle.  She loves stuffed toys and takes biscuits very gently and carefully.  She will need somebody who is ready for puppy behavior to emerge when she is feeling well and more secure.  And she will need someone to patiently and lovingly teach her everything.  There is no question that she is ready to learn.  She has charmed everyone at the vet office, and all of us that have met her.  She is now getting good nutrition, which every dog needs but she does especially so that she can build her immune system and help her to mend herself.  And we expect her to rally and get ready to discover that life can be good for her.  We can already see that she will be a happy and very loyal pal who will enjoy showing her new home how sharp and smart a girl she is.  Yes, we loved her from the moment she walked into our doors.