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From this to this..............can you believe its the same dog ?
without the tireless efforts of her foster mum, Molly would surely have died from obesity. She is now happy, healthy and hoping to find her home
Read further for her incredilble journey click on images to enlarge

Molly's foster update 5-10-04

Molly is living with little dogs and kids and doing well.  She needs lots of attention and love.  She is very affectionate and grateful for any sweetness given to her.  She bonds ever so quickly to anyone giving her attention.  She loves rides and will flip out with happiness when the leash is picked up!  She leaps off the patio and runs to the gate to 'go with'!  She will do the same if she sees any low flying birds or squirrels and will run to the fence if she thinks an intruder or boogie man is outside in the alley.  Her bark is deep but not real loud.  She is excellent in her crate and goes in willingly.  She is very enthused about eating and will do anything for a biscuit.  She will melt your heart when she looks adoringly into your eyes.  She is a great couch potato and loyal companion.  She is only asking for sincere hugs and love which she will in turn give back a thousand fold.

This is MOLLY!  Molly was a very obese Dane that weighed in at 225.7 pounds.  She should weigh about 110 pounds at most!  She is about 6 years old and has been severely neglected and abused to have been allowed to become so over weight.  She has a hard time breathing, getting up and down and walking because of her weight.  But she does all without complaining.  She has skin problems with hair loss, scars, and hardened calluses from living on hard concrete and dirt.  She was bought as a puppy with a deformed front foot (which she uses well) and kept as an indoor dog until her owner couldn't care for her anymore.  He gave her to a family member who threw her outside with another Dane, giving no human interaction or attention, except to put out a huge bag of the cheapest brand of dog food for them to graze on at will all day!  A good Samaritan discovered her and called our rescue for assistance.  Molly's life was probably saved just in time by this Angel for speaking up and getting her help. 

Foster update on Molly:

click on images to enlarge

As of June 14, Molly had lost 45 pounds!  She is eating Solid Gold and supplements plus a special Molly-bagel every night because she is such a good girl!!  She loves her bagels!  (Yes, you can have a bagel and lose weight too!)  Her weight is coming down steadily and naturally by getting good food and the right amounts for each meal.  Her thyroid condition is improving and her medication is also being reduced as she gets healthier.  Her attitude is now spunky and silly and she is now a much happier girl than when she was turned over to rescue.  She is affectionate and her personality has come out for her foster family who thinks she is ever so special.  She loves people and she needs affection and attention.  She is very sweet and responsive and just wants to be there to please you.  Her newest pictures show her weight changes which are due to the care and diligence of her loving foster folks who have provided her with a quality life in which she is blossoming.  Yea, Molly!!!

click on images to enlarge

Foster update:  Molly is a sweet girl and gets along with other dogs.  But she has had no socializing or walks in the neighborhood or visits to Petsmart or rides in the car.  She is amazed at everything in her foster home and is becoming a happy dog, finally beginning to wag and show affection.  She has lost 20.5 pounds since she was brought in a couple weeks ago by just getting a high quality diet (and NOT being allowed to gorge) and some attention and activity.  She is getting up and down easier already and her sweet personality is beginning to come out in lots of happy wagging.  Sadly, she is heartworm positive but will need to lose some weight before she is treated.  She also is now on thyroid medication which is making her feel better too.  She will make a loving, quiet, sweet companion who is already very grateful for being rescued from a world of emptiness and lack of care and love.  She would love to have a home that will love her, take her for fun walks, take her to Petsmart to pick out a stuffed baby or squeaky toy, and show her the world really is a good place after all.

click on images to enlarge

7-30-03 update.....Molly has lost 60 pounds since she came into rescue.  She is now 166 pounds, down from 225.7!!  She is steadily improving health wise and personality wise.  Her foster home is very attached to her and she loves them back!  You will see in the new pictures that she is looking much better, and can now stand on her back legs to play with her foster dad!  She could hardly get up and walk, much less do that and run and play like she is able to do now.  She meets other dogs with curiosity and friendliness.  She even meets bouncy puppies with grace and diplomacy!  :-)   She is a happy girl and loves to ride in the front seat of her foster dad's truck, go for walks and runs, or be a couch potato.  She's very willing to please and very grateful to have been rescued from that backyard of utter loneliness.  She is hoping that someone will want to reach out to her and offer her that wonderful home she is dreaming about in which she will be loved and cherished, as she has always deserved.

Foster update Oct 7, 2003

Molly has been steadily losing all that horrible weight that kept her from enjoying a normal dog's life.  Last weighing, she was 145 pounds, down from 225.7 pounds!

click on images to enlarge

Though she still has more pounds to take off, she now looks like a normal Dane and romps with the other dogs at her foster home.  She loves the older kids and dogs and is very good with the cats, one of whom is a disabled little kitten.  She is obedient and confident and is looking forward to a loving home that will take her for walks and rides and will just let her show her love and devotion to that special family that will also love her back for the rest of her life.

click on images to enlarge

Ms. Molly has now lost over 110 pounds (over half of her original body weight!) in our care by having high quality food given in small amounts.  She has lost slowly, thereby not having much sagging skin from it.  She has a new body and a new attitude and is a very happy pretty girl now.  She gets up easily, plays, runs, jumps up on the couch, etc.  All things she couldn't do while so dangerously obese before.  She loves her foster family and plays with the resident dogs.  She seems to prefer smaller dogs to play with for whatever reason she might have.  She loves to go for rides and be included in family events.  But mostly Molly loves to cuddle as a couch potato while everyone is relaxing by the TV in the evenings!  She is a great companion dog that loves to be loved and is ready to make her debut into a loving home that needs her

click on images to enlarge

Update 4-27-04
MOLLY! Molly has been with our rescue for over a year now. She came in weighing 225.7 obese pounds and is now a slimmed down 106! She has lost an equivalent of a whole adult Dane's body weight! Quite an accomplishment for anybody, be they dog or human. Her new pictures will show how different she looks! She gets up and down much easier, and walks, jumps and runs now, which are things that most canines might take for granted. She's happier, and by far, looks more like a Great Dane today. She is pretty and silly and loving, and she's just ready for anything if it means she gets to tag along. She loves attention and will get up and follow you everywhere you go. She loves stuffed babies and tug ropes and totally goes fruity if you pick up her leash!

click on images to enlarge
Though we don't consider her dog aggressive, she has had trouble in her foster home with their resident female Dane, so we are recommending she go to a home with either no other dogs so she can soak up ALL the attention, or where one other male dog lives. She doesn't seem to need canine companionship and would be just tickled to be the only dog to love on.

She has been found to be willing to please and is nicely crate trained, being very quiet when it is required that she be crated. She will gladly be a couch potato or run to the car to be a car-cruising pal. Her front foot seems to be somewhat deformed so that it would prevent her from walking far but she can and does love to go to Petsmart, to the park and will run in the back yard. She has perfect house manners and has NEVER had an accident in the house in the whole year of recovery.

click on images to enlarge

She has thrived from the love in her foster home and has given back to them 10 fold with her loyalty and devotion. Now she is in need of a permanent home that will continue to love her and show her how special she is. She has promised to be a protector, a best friend , a couch potato and movie watcher, and someone that will be waiting to show how much she missed you while you were gone from her. She has endured the loneliness of years in a back yard, unloved, and has worked hard to lose all that weight so that she could look like the Great Dane she was born to be. She is hoping that someone out there will appreciate her and need her as much as she needs someone to promise to let her know that she is a very special girl that will be loved and cherished forever.