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Foster update on Lady Retta 5-10-04
Retta is a 7 year old senior girl that is easy to care for and very easy to love.  She bonds instantly and enjoys lots of attention.  Everyone loves her nature that meets her.  She would prefer a home with no other dogs or maybe one male dog so that she can soak up the hugs herself.  She is soft and sweet and is a ready companion to walk, to ride, or to snuggle up on the couch.  She has been in foster care for a long time because folks don't know the joy of the senior Dane kids like her.  She will make the most loyal, loving and affectionate life time companion to a lucky home that will take a chance on her.  It is her promise.

Update on Retta Oct 25, 2003


Retta has proven herself very sweet, smart and regal.  Her foster mom says she is "one incredible girl".  Her gentle nature is a lovely example of the gentle giant breed. 

She is getting along wonderfully with the resident Dachshund and, of course, they look so cute together!  If he wants to share her bed, she will lie down ever so gently next to him even if some of her has to be off the bed.  Retta is good on the leash and loves her two walks a day.  Oh, and she loves to ride in the SUV too! 

She meets and greets everybody gently and lovingly.  When visitors come by, she gives them lap hugs and then wants to snuggle up on the couch with them.  She is romping and wagging, and now that she feels safe, she is even smiling to show how happy she is.  She needs a little obedience work but will learn quickly because she is smart and wants to please.  She is very affectionate, and will follow all over the house just to be with her foster mom. 

She needs a lot of affection and loves her ears scratched while resting her head in your lap.  She is not food aggressive at all and is very patient waiting her turn for a treat.   Retta has excellent house manners and has not chewed on anything in her foster home.  Foster mom says, "She is being a perfect Lady" and one would "be crazy not to want her".

LADY RETTA is about 4-1/2 to 5 years old.  She came back to our rescue with Charlie Brown, having been given up due to difficulty in the home life with the parties separating.  Lady Retta was described by her owner as a dog "without issues" and is an affectionate, sweet girl that likes her snuggles on the couch.  She has lived with large and small dogs and children.  She walks well on a leash and just wants to be loved and wanted the rest of her life.  Her ears were not done right when cropped but that should not stop anyone if they are looking for a sensitive, loving Dane that will show her gratitude and loyalty with unconditional love.

Jan 8 ........  Retta is a wonderful mature, gentle girl that loves playing with her resident little dog, loves being a couch potato and snuggling, loves going for rides and walks, and just loves being where ever her people are.  She has a great attitude and is great in a crowd with other dogs.  She minds her manners while sharing her toys and her bed at home.  She charms everyone that meets her and she is a credit to her breed, especially in light of the hardships she's been through.  She loves meeting people and is very attached to her foster family and friends.  She loves easily and thoroughly and is waiting for someone to appreciate her qualities and love her as she will love totally and doubly back