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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

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HANNAH....Foster home update 5-10-04
Darling Hannah adores people and kids and she is very much loved in her foster home.  She lives there with other dogs but she is not good with other new dogs that she meets.  She would love to find a home in which she could be the ONLY dog to be doted on.   She is needy for attention, needs exercise because she is still a youngster and makes a welcome warm couch potato companion.  She is a smiley and waggy Dane kid that needs understanding, rules and regs to live by, and somebody to show her she is a good girl that can be loved.

Update Oct 25, 2003

 Hannah is thriving in her foster home.  She is getting along with all the other dogs, big and small.  She LOVES all the family and meets them at the door with sweet, enthused kisses when they come home.  She loves meeting people too.  She plays like a puppy and is ready to do whatever anyone suggests.  Her foster home says she is a lovely, wonderful girl that anyone would be lucky to love.

This is Hannah!  She is 1-1/2 years old, black, has natural ears and has a kind of Mercedes rather than Jaguar type body style.  She is a pretty girl with an equally nice personality.  She was bought out of the paper and brought home with no guidance to tell her new owners how to care for her.  She was kept inside for a little while but with family allergies and a new born baby arrival, she was put outside.  The yard was outfitted with invisible fencing, aimed at keeping her inside the property.  The collar in the picture is what she was wearing to shock her if she ventured out of the perimeter.  She apparently did get loose and was subsequently tied day and night outside with this same pronged electronic collar.


This collar, which she was tied with, has almost 1 inch prongs on the inside which have caused puncture wounds to her neck as well as rubbed the bottom part of her neck raw and bleeding, as can be seen in the photos.  Her skin is in very poor shape, with calluses on her elbows from living on cement, and her belly has scrapes and burns from the same.  Her hair is in very bad condition which will happen from low quality food and being kept outside.  She stunk pretty bad from being dirty and was very ill mannered about jumping up and misbehaving.


In spite of not being socialized or taught manners, she has wagged at everyone she has met, welcoming anyone she meets to pet her.  She is responsive when called and wants to give kisses.  She is now being loved in a special foster home in which she successfully and submissively met 5 other Great Danes all of whom had to be first to meet the new girl!  She did very well with that!  She is now eating a decent diet with supplements to help her hair and skin to recover.  She is allowed to share the couches and go for walks with the big guys!  She thinks she is in dog Heaven!


FOSTER UPDATE:  Hannah is getting along beautifully with all the dogs and people in her foster home.  She is perpetual motion, nosey and curious about everything and has discovered the huge dog toy box!  She adores toys and keeps going back to pick yet another one out of the box.  Not sure if she puts them all back.  :-)  She is excited about everything.  She has had no accidents in the house and has learned to be good in her crate when required to be in it.  She is not aggressive and shares food and toys nicely.  At first she cowered a lot, being very insecure about herself, but she is quickly becoming comfortable about trust and new schedules and playing with the other dogs.  Her foster home says she is a very sweet and loving little doll that is learning quickly how fun the world can be.

Jan 8....Hannah has changed since she came into rescue.  She was about 18 months when she came in and since then, her body has gotten longer and taller.  She is a black slender beauty now.  She has learned house manners and lives with other female Danes and other dogs.  She is playful and still puppyish and LOVES her people.  She loves meeting people and seems to prefer their company to over dogs.  She is sweet and responsive when called and very willing to please.  She has charmed her foster family and all visitors to the house.  She can be a play baby or a couch potato, whichever is required at the moment.  She loves attention and just simply loves to be where ever her people are.  She is a lovely girl and is hoping someone will want her and appreciate her new svelte look and her promise of love and loyalty forever.