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Blue SkyWalker

Update Oct 25, 2003

Skywalker has had a couple more vet visits and is now off all medications.  Yea!  His latest blood panel showed that he is still a little anemic but all else was coming back to normal.  He is romping and playing and using the front leg that he was favoring before.  He is bright and responsive and has learned many commands.  Though we are not encouraging fast growth at all, he has gained weight and is growing like a normal puppy should.  He has charmed every single person including all at the vet clinic that have met him and is sure to put a spell on some special someone that is equipped to handle the energy and special needs of a wonderful little guy like Sky


Skywalker is 12 weeks old and blue in color.  He was surrendered by the owner of his litter, saying he was sick and would die if we didn't take him.  He was vomiting, listless, not eating and not walking.  He favors his front right foot and is in pain when he tries to walk on it.  He sweet and is a snuggler and responsive to affection.  He will be further evaluated at the vet's and in his foster home.

Here's Young Master Blue Skywalker with the incredible team of carers at our Veterinary office - Thank you Girls !!!

SKY was taken to the vet for complete a thorough exam and several tests.  His x-rays showed no fracture to his leg, but his bloodwork showed severe infection and anemia.  His fever was nearly 105 and he was pretty lethargic.  His glands were swollen as well.  He was put on particular antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  In his former home he was bitten in several places which got infected.  He wasn't taken to the vet and the infections got severe.  By that time he was not eating or drinking and was lethargic.  This is when he was turned over to our rescue.

He is now in a foster home being nursed back to health.  The first night, his fever came down to normal and he is eating and drinking and perking up more each day.  He is not fearful of the other dogs in the home and wags a tiny little tail of happiness when he is talked to and loved on.  He is beginning to get around better now due to good nutrition (and NOT being free-fed!) and to the necessary medicines.  More info will be forthcoming as he continues to get better!

Just look at this baby's face

Update on Skywalker Oct 21, 2003

Little Skywalker has finished all of his medications and has done a good job
recovering from being a very sick little guy! He has gotten his first puppy
shots and is going today to have a post-blood panel to see that it is all
back to normal. He runs and jumps and plays with the other dogs and by
himself. He walks nicely on leash. He is sweet and affectionate and loves
to cuddle on the couch. He is learning quickly many commands, and
especially how to figure out his foster mom! A smart little kid. Here is
the latest email from his foster mom to all of us, describing how far he has
come! :-)

From his foster mom:
OK, anyone out there still harboring sympathetic feelings for little Blue
Skywalker, the poor hurt baby..... can just get OVER it!!! I think he's
recovered. LOL

"Sky's" schedule this evening:

4:30 pm. I get home, let him and the other dogs out. He goes potty like
a good boy. I let him back in, he runs in the door, turns and sits for
his cookie like a good boy. I call the other dogs who are still out in
the yard. Sky runs back out the open door, then runs back in. Turns and
sits for a cookie. I am a sucker so I give him another one. The other
dogs start to come in, I'm giving them their cookies. While I'm doing
this, Sky runs back out the door and back in (the door is still open due
to the traffic jam), turns and sits for another cookie!! I am
hard-hearted, and only give him a half a one this time. :-)

4:45 pm. I am trying to change clothes. I pull out the pair of pants I
want to put on, and toss them on the bed. Pants won't toss. Pants
appear to weigh 20 odd pounds. I look down, see that Sky has attached
himself to one of the pants legs and has commenced a game of tug-of-war.
I remove the pants from his mouth and prepare to change clothes.

4:55 pm. I am sitting on the bed, leaning over to tie my shoes. I feel a
sharp pain. Sky has grabbed a handful of my hair and again has
commenced a game of tug-of-war. I remove my hair from his mouth but he
immediately grabs another hold. I hold the rest of my hair out of reach
with one hand, and remove the chunk of hair from his mouth with my other
hand. As I sit back upright, I can hear his jaws snapping as he tries to
catch my hair again!

5:10 pm. I am sitting in the den, finishing some paperwork from work and
watching the news. And of course, watching Sky. He is playing by
himself on the biggest dog bed in the room by wrestling with a blanket on
top of the bed. He grabs a mouthful of blanket then looses his balance
and rolls off the dog bed onto the floor. Since he doesn't release his
grip on the blanket he is rolled up in it like a cocoon. He blunders
around for a few minutes until I unroll him. As I'm unrolling him, he
releases his grip on the blanket and grabs a chunk of my hair instead.

5:17pm. Sky is still playing by himself. Sara (the St. Bernard) comes
in and flops down next to him. He stops and stares at her, then spies
her gently wagging tail.

5:20 pm. I unclamp Sky from Sara's tail and Sara wisely leaves the room.
Sky grabs a mouthful of my hair.

And so on and so forth!! LOL - Hey, I'm just glad he's doing so well!!

Cheers, Barb