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Apollo is a black and white 9 month old big puppy!  He has great natural ears and is kind of big for 9 months.  He is active and playful and is good with the older kids, though sometimes they can get knocked down from his enthusiasm.

He was bought as a puppy by a man that abandoned him 2 months ago.  He left Apollo with his fiancÚ that he had planned to marry and buy a home with.  He decided not to marry his fiancÚ and said, by the way, find Apollo a new home!  His fiancÚ must now stay in her apartment which has an 80 pound limit on dogs, which Apollo far exceeds, and would be evicted if Apollo was not rehomed.

Apollo was kind of ill mannered on first encounter, jumping up and being a rude 'teenager'.  His vet exam revealed ear infections and skin irritations of an undetermined source, but flea control chemicals and low quality diet are highly suspected.  He was put on a high quality diet with a supplement for skin and is doing much better.  He is feeling better and is friendly and much easier to handle now.   He has met new dogs well and was good with the former home's cat and kids.  He sits, shakes, downs, and is nicely food oriented which will help when he is taken to very needed obedience school in which it is certain he will be a dynamic and unforgettable student!

Update Oct 7, 2003

Jan 8th 04 - APOLLO is a changing puppy, so his foster home reports.  He is learning many manners, is not jumping up on people now and does a nice sit, down, come, and how not to eat the walls!  In his new pictures, he is practicing his downs and 'howdy' handshakes with his foster mom.  :-)  He plays with large dogs and loves the small dogs but must be supervised with the little ones because of his size and his under estimation of theirs!  He likes the young kids in his home, however he is too athletic, energetic and some times too clumsy for toddlers so his foster home therefore recommends only older children for him.  He walks well on a leash and always listens when his name is called.

He does like to surf the counters and beg at the table so he will be learning a few more 'rules' to live by.  :-)  It is highly recommended that Apollo be taken to Obedience classes to round out his rough puppy edges and build his vocabulary and confidence in himself.  Although he is quickly learning manners, etc., he will still need to be crated when left alone in his new home.  He is a very loving, affectionate dog that loves his turn at snuggling on the couch.  His foster home loves him and thinks he is a great dog that will make a wonderful older puppy addition to the right lucky home.

Update Jan 8.....Apollo has proved himself a wonderful companion dog in his time in foster care.  He is, however too exuberant for toddlers and must go to a home with older kids and one in which he will continue to get obedience training and guidance about good manners.  He has learned a lot and does learn quickly.  His foster home feels he would make a very good candidate for the Obedience Ring because of his willingness to respond and his desire to please.  He has had some difficulty with skin irritations but we've found most of that to be from allergies to fleas, which has been taken care of.  His coat is looking very nice now from high quality foods and a few important supplements.

He is calm about being in his crate and sleeps all night with no complaints.  He has good house manners and has made no mistakes in the house.  He loves running in a big yard and playing fetch with a ball.  He meets other animals well and is only curious about the resident cat.  He knows "no" and walks well on a collar/leash, with a little bit of pulling.  He has let his foster mom trim his nails without much fuss and allowed his teeth to be picked free of tartar.  He plays with the little dog gently and is not aggressive or possessive with bones and food.  He shares his toys.  Everyone that has met Apollo likes him.  He is a huge nice puppy with puppy energy which is not for everyone.  He loves people and kids and, other than his puppyish clumsiness, he is very good with other pets.  He will need someone that will respect him and his young age but be firm and helpful in making him understand the rules.  He will make a wonderful addition to the right lucky family which he is now anxiously waiting for.