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Update on Ms. Whisper: June 7 2007
After 3 and 1/2 months with Whisper, her foster family is so proud to re-introduce her today.  She came to us very close to dying from neglect and very serious mange.  As reported previously, we put her on the Farmore raw diet and she immediately responded.  Within a week she visibly felt and looked tons better.  We hoped to avoid dipping by using more natural treatments, but after 2 months, our vet talked us into 3 dips to kill the burrowed ugly little mites that were still there. She is due to have a skin scraping to see what the improvement is as far as needing another dip or no dip.  We hope no dip.  Our vet was very amazed at the health of the rest of her body and in these month-old update pictures, it is pretty obvious she is vastly improved!
She is affectionate with kids and adults as well as playful and friendly with the dogs, big and small.  She has a need to be close and does a strange but sweet 'hug', which makes everybody melt to see.  :-)  She's responsive, loves to be right in the middle of whatever the action is, is ready to go at the drop of a dime, sleeps all night and not always inside the crate (kudos to Whisper!), and has charmed everyone who has met her these last months.  Her hair is growing back in, though slowly, and when it is all in, she will be a stunning girl!  She is not on any medications, is still getting the best diet (in our opinion) and is thriving now.  (Note: the pink of her skin is from the dip that was done that day.)

Update on Whisper’s progress:

As mentioned, we chose a natural approach to help Whisper heal, hoping that we can waken her suffering immune system, and allow her to heal from the inside.  The usual veterinary treatment is a burning, poisoning dip, most times over and over, to kill the mange mites.  Along with dips, the usual prescriptions for antibiotics and steroids are given.  What we proposed to our vets was to give her the best nutrition possible and opted not to give the pills, injections, and dips unless she began to fail and get sicker.  We are feeding her Farmore, a complete raw diet of buffalo, or chicken, or beef choices.  We are supplementing the Farmore meat diets with probiotics to help restore the good bacteria in her intestinal tract and aid her immune system, plus Missing Link to give her added natural vitamins, plus Juice Plus for antioxidants in the form of natural fruits and veggies in gel caps, California Natural omega oil to help her skin get healthy, and MSM capsules, a natural supplement to help inflammation and pain. We are giving no drugs, no dips, and no chemicals.  She gets antibacterial baths every other day, and t-tree oil and water rinses to kill bacteria and hopefully smother the mites.  Plus LOVE, a happy environment, … and couch time, of course! 

Progress - so far after two weeks, her raging skin has pinked up, and is not the color of tomatoes now.  The horrible eruptions on her skin are drying up.  We believe the pure nutrition her body is getting is pushing the poisons to the surface and out.  We also see small hairs growing now.    It will take a while to help her recover, but we believe she is responding and improving daily.  She never complains and doesn’t seem to know she missed death by just a couple days.  And she is happy in her foster home and has even begun to learn to play with the resident dogs, which she didn’t have a clue about before. She definitely feels better.  Her condition is the result of terrible, ignorant neglect over a long period and it is very sad.  But this little Angel is now safe, and on her way to a much better life.  We will keep reporting her progress.  We’d like everyone to cross your fingers for her and wish her luck, because she is still not entirely out of the woods yet.

Check out the improvement in her pictures.

 her side before  Aft 2 wks

 feet before

 feet now!               Whisper!

Whisper was a stray found by animal control.  She is a small emaciated  young girl, and because of her pitiful condition, we are guessing by her teeth, feet, and body that she might be about 14 to 18 months old.  The color of her fur is even in question because there is not enough of it to know for sure, but she will probably be a pretty merlequin when she is well.  She has been a victim of severe neglect, at minimum.  She has some scars and fresh wounds.  Her skin is an inflamed red, probably infected, and she is probably suffering from mange infestation.  Her Dane nature has survived however, and she is a very loving little sweetheart.  She is in a foster home where she is great with all the other dogs, loves the kids and adults, is very waggy and happy, in spite of being very ill.  She is very snuggly and unquestionably thinks she is literally a lap dog.  She will drape herself over a lap just to be touching and close.  Plus she will attempt to climb up and nest in your lap as well.   :-)  She is pretty needy, understandably so.

She is also responsive when called and shows a desire to please.  She is learning to use the resident doggy door and is now learning other house manners as it appears she has not been kept inside previously.  She is a willing student though.  She has won the hearts of the whole household, who are shocked by the lack of care and concern another human provided this innocent young dog.

She will be thoroughly examined by our vets this week.  In the mean time, we will be tending to her skin, which is inflamed, dry, scabby, and has major hair loss.  Her feet are swollen and red.  She has been put on our high quality raw diet with important supplements to help her absorb the most nutrition she can process so that she might heal as quickly as possible.  We have had major mange victims before who responded nicely with our program, so we have positive hopes for Whisper to do the same.

This is not to say it will be an overnight recovery, because it won't be.  This girl's condition did not just happen in a week or two weeks of being lost out on the streets!  This is heartbreaking, ignorant and shocking neglect.

We will give Whisper everything she needs to recover and become the healthy and pretty dog she was meant to be.  Financial help would be appreciated to help us help this little girl.  Food and medical issues will be costly.  Our PayPal on our website is available or donations can be sent to the donation address on our contact page.  Or just call.  We will be glad to talk about our newest precious Angel.  We will inform as she makes progress.