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To send donations to help this 100% Volunteer group take care of Great Danes send personal checks or money orders to:

Address for donations only:
Great Dane Angle Network
501 Ridge Country Road
Haslet, TX 76052  

100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!



DYLAN.  He is now 4 years old and is coming back in to rescue to be rehomed.
He is a male fawn Dane with natural ears.  He loves everyone, likes to sleep
in the bed (yours).  :-)

He is good with other pets, and has been kept
inside.  He has been well cared for and not abused.  He is being rehomed
because his current home now has a small baby and they are worried that
Dylan may accidentally step on the baby.  Dylan is a big goofy and happy dog
and has great house manners.  He loves walks, dog park activities, playing
with other dogs, and loves attention.  He is affectionate and can stand a
long time with his head in your lap, getting what he likes most....love and
touching.  He is a great companion dog that is ready to go anytime,


Dylan's foster family says he is the sweetest dog, and is very affectionate, seeking to be near you.  He gets along with all the family, including kids, dogs, and cats.  He is great in his crate when all have to leave the house, otherwise, he has whole house privileges and has very good house manners.
His foster family feels Dylan is anxious, watching the door for something, looking worried, like he is going to be given away or that he knows he is not a permanent family member.  Very sad to think that.  He does get revved up from the young kids' busy activities, so we feel he might relax without young kids in his future home.  He loves to sleep in bed with mom and dad to feel safe.  And he LOVES going for walks!  Dylan just wants to be loved, so he is watching the door for that special person who will reach out to him, tell him he is a wonderful dog, and let him know that he is THE ONE to love forever.