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He is a 9 month old blue puppy with natural ears and a ready attitude.  He has been loved since he was brought home as a puppy but his college student mom has found herself too pressed for time with little left for him.  She feels it is unfair to him and wants him to have a home that will give him the attention he deserves.
He knows his basics plus extras, loves to play and go for a ride and go for walks, and for most fun things one could think of, he would be ready to be involved.  :-)  He is a very attentive dog to his humans, which will make him a great obedience candidate plus an affectionate companion.  He is still a big puppy and will need someone home at least part of the day for potty breaks, and for less crate time than full time work folks could provide.  He is a smart kid, learns fast and is ready to show what a star he will be for that lucky home that gets him.
COLE update 1/28/07......
Foster journal excerpts:
"Cole is being evaluated right now as he is a terrified boy who needs to be taught manners and learn how to play and to trust.  He did come in with some basic obedience but he is quite "mouthy" right now, as puppies can be sometimes, so he is being taught that that is not acceptable.
(As most of us know, mouthiness can lead to scratches that can seem like a bite to small hands and arms, and the dog going too far in play and hurting someone with that big powerful mouth.  So we definitely discourage it.)
Cole got very afraid at the vet's office for even a gentle quiet exam.  His nails are too long, but he would not allow his feet or legs to be touched at all.  A very important observation is that he did not growl or try to bite.  So, we will let him chill and learn to trust and play and be comfortable before we try the vet again.  He was terrified of the resident Danes but is coming around and even initiated play this morning.  He is very fond of the resident Silky Terrier and he reportedly lived a short time with Shih-tzus in his former home.
We are unsure of how soon he will be made available for adoption.  Could be that this all will correct itself pretty quickly with some training and TLC.  At this time, we are not comfortable putting him in a novice home, or even one that has only had experience with a couple of Danes, due to his fears and lack of trust.  He has been learning new things and passing daily tests with flying colors, which is very encouraging.  We are asking folks that are applying to please be patient while we conduct the necessary evaluations and take steps to ensure that not only will the dog be safe, but that his future home will be safe as well.
Cole appears, thus far, to be very good with kids (mine are 12, 9 and 7) and very affectionate but his skin flinches when you first go to pet him.  Due to his fear, size and age, it is likely that we will not suggest a home with children under the age of 8.  He does NOT like to go outside (although, except for one accident since he has been here, he appears to be housetrained).  He seems to be very afraid that I will leave him out there, so for the time being I have to stand outside with him while he does his business.  He crates very nicely and is quiet during "nap time".  He has not shown any signs of food aggression and is not dominant so far.  He does not like his feet to be touched at all so I will be working with him slowly and patiently on that as well because his nails are screaming to be cut!  His appearance at our March mobile in Plano will be contingent upon his further evaluation as we take him to local pet stores to see how he behaves with the public."
We think he is a great dog with lots of potential to be someone's very special companion.  So, we will happily inform about his progress.