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To send donations to help this 100% Volunteer group take care of Great Danes send personal checks or money orders to:

Address for donations only:
Great Dane Angle Network
501 Ridge Country Road
Haslet, TX 76052  

100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!


What a Change !!



Update on Sawyer:
Dec 2....Sawyer has recovered from parvo!  He caught a horrible kennel cough, which he is also recovered from now.  And if he had distemper, which was suspected but not known for sure, he is acting well and has exhibited no after-symptoms of any neurological problems.  His vet calls him our miracle puppy to have survived all that.  We are happy that he is acting like a normal puppy and is eating and drinking and playing like he should.  He is also trying to eat shoes, phones, paper, electric cords, and other like objects that puppies go for unless properly, 150% of the time, watched and supervised!  :-)  He is finally minding house manners perfectly and goes to the door to ask to go out!!  (THANK YOU ANGELS!!  It has been a long training time for that!)
He is a very loving puppy and still loves to crawl up on your lap to snuggle in your neck.  He prefers the lap to the dog bed to take his naps.  :-)  He is learning not to jump up and scratch your legs, learning to sit before he dives into his bowl, learning to do ALL the pottying outside, and learning how far he can push the other resident dogs when he plants his needle teeth into them!  He comes to his name and to a whistle, and loves to do dog things with the other boys in the house.  He watches them with apparent innocence and awe, not really knowing what is going on.  He's a smart little kid that is learning every day.  He knows he is accepted and loved and is getting very confident.  His weight is now up to 40 pounds and is filling in his body very nicely.  He is being fed carefully so that he doesn't gain too fast, but enough to keep growing at a slow pace.  He loves food.  And toys.  And the cat.  And his big Dane buddies.  And his foster mom and dad.  (Who adore him!)  :-)  And especially climbing up to curl up in a lap to snooze.  He is very affectionate and sensitive.  He still needs to be let out at least hourly to tinkle and is being fed 3 to 4 times a day now, down from 5 to 6 small meals a day.  He is a wonderful little guy that now has a chance to live a normal life and give some lucky family the blessing of knowing him.  He is truly a miracle baby that the Angels gave a helping hand to.


Louise is generously donating more sculptures to help Sawyer
Nutty Pen Holder
 The Great Dane (pewter) choose cropped or natural
 On The Rise (miniature pewter) choose cropped or natural