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Harvey is almost 9 months old and is a fawn with no mask. His ears are natural and make him look like a super sweet, goofy boy, a description he easily fits. He has medical problems that are being attended to and is currently learning house manners and how to behave without knocking everyone down with his exuberance. He was given up because his first home has a toddler and hasn't got the necessary time left for the attention and training he needs.

He has a cherry eye, a large hygroma on his elbow and his back legs are lacking strength and stability at present. He is currently going through his medical exams and surgeries to help correct some of his problems. In his first home he had another hygroma surgically removed for which the vet put on a leg cast. And his back foot had been broken and casted. X-rays show one of his front legs had been fractured as well and heeled previously by itself. He was in and out of the vets offices for one thing or another in his short young life.

Though he didn't have such a good start, Harvey is now in a loving foster home, getting necessary medical care and quality food to get proper nutrition into him. He is being given important nutritional and natural supplements to help him in his recovery. He is living with several other dogs and cats and older kids. He loves everybody and everything and is learning many things quickly. He loves to snuggle on the couch with his foster folks and seems to desire human company over other dogs' company. He doesn't seem to know how to play with other dogs yet. He is a sweet, silly young boy that has a lot to learn and one can tell that while he is finding out about the world, he is loving every minute of it. Foster home adores him! :-)

Update on Harvey offered by his foster mom on Jan 5:

What can't be said about Harvey! He has such joy he bounces! At 9 months old he still has his cute little puppy face and is getting taller and longer everyday. He is a silky fawn male, with no mask. It feels great to pet his puppyish coat and he loves, loves, loves, all the attention.

He is an owner surrendered pup who needed socialization with cats, dogs and children. He is learning to be respectful to all creatures great and small and looks for playmates constantly. Yes, he is a playful boy, so would be perfect for a household with older children. Pre-teens or teenager would be able to keep up with him. Harvey's main love is people, he cannot get enough of his people and will be a wonderful attentive dog to everyone in the family.

He is a heavy leaner who loves attention so much that if you stepped away while he was leaning he would fall down. He trusts his foster family would never do this, but they do brace themselves when he begins his lean.

Harvey feared and fought crating at first, but now knows "to bed" and goes willingly to his crate. He sits, stays, leaves it, gentles and quiets on command. His attentiveness will make him an easy candidate for further training.  Basic Obedience classes with his new parents a must.

Harvey still fears being left alone.  But he is a courageous boy, and is working on this in his training, however, he will need to be crated in his new home so he feels safe. 

Yes, Harvey expects a bunch from his people, but he gives back loads of love and has a wonderful sense of humor. And did I mention he chews his food 18 times before he swallows?... no kidding. Not many PEOPLE can do that!  :-)