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100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!


KAHNE.   (pronounced Cain)  He came in to animal control with Phoebie, both in very bad condition.  Kahne is about 2 years or even less as he acts like a huge over-sized puppy.  His coat and feet are in bad condition, he has internal parasites, and he has knots and calluses from being kept outside on hard surfaces.  The weepiness in his eyes has been discovered to be inverted eyelids, a condition that is causing his lids to scratch and irritate the eyeballs.  This did not happen over night. He will have the necessary surgery immediately to correct this problem.

He learns almost instantly and is ever so sweet and big bear affectionate.  He is playing with the resident dogs of all sizes and is quickly learning house rules, including that surfing is not permissible.  :-)

Kahne acquired his name when he was on his way to the vet's office and decided that it might be fun to drive the car!  He climbed halfway into foster mom's lap and would not budge until the car was parked.  Not very safe but he did get a name out of it!  He has been named after Kasey Kahne the NASCAR driver!! 

Update....First excerpts from his foster mom's journal:

Kahne is doing pretty well.  We have utilized the crate quite a bit and so far have not had any accidents.  <The secret training trick for successful crating has been used and it seems to have worked already!>  He is standing quietly in there looking at me as I type this.  Getting the worm medicine in him was a joy, let me tell ya!!  I squirted the Panacur down his throat only to have him get a lot of it back up, shaking his head so it went flying and I have a nice white stripe down my wall where a clump of it hit and slid down.  Lovely.  This gets better with time.  LOL.  The pills were a little easier after a couple of tries.  He is a very sweet boy.  .  He is a BIG TIME counter surfer but I have stuff out right now that isn't typically out.  He mastered the dog door within about 15 minutes of being out back with me and Linzy.  He watched Sara and Titan go through it a couple of times and then, VOILA!, he figured it out.  It is hard to keep him out there for potty time now.  He much prefers the air conditioning (don't blame him for that).

Further excerpts and updates....

WHAT A LOVER!!!  I love this big goofy boy!   We have not had any accidents in the house and he has only "christened" my wall a couple of times.  A quick "No!" stops him and I take him directly outside.  He hasn't even had chance to get a full stream going.  Thank goodness!!  He was PERFECT in his crate last night after several training sessions during the day yesterday.  He went in his crate when we went to bed around 1 AM and woke me up barking at 7 AM.  Not too bad, considering.   And he didn't have an accident at all while he was in there overnight!  He laid on the kitchen floor at my feet this morning while I cooked and was so good that I couldn't stop myself from sharing just one piece of bacon.  (grin)  We did have to crate him while we ate because he doesn't really have any manners yet and will take stuff right off of your plate with you sitting right there!!  He learns quickly though so I don't think it would take long to get him on the straight and narrow.  He is excellent with ALL of my dogs now!   Kahne is not too sure about playing but he does give it a shot and it is too cute!  He is even great with our little silky so he will do great in a home with little dogs.  His temperament is to die for!  Another interesting note......He started to sprinkle my wall this morning.  He got poised and then looked at me and I swear I could SEE him thinking "Um, oh yeah, she doesn't like it when I do that" and he just walked away!  I didn't even have to do anything other than look at him.  He isn't eating real well yet but he will as he gets well and more comfortable.  Oh, hurry up somebody!  I am falling for this boy!


Aside commentary on fostering.....
****As one can read here and imagine, fostering is not the easiest job in the world, though it does provide a lot of laughs from some of the stories.  :-)  It is, however, very fulfilling and rewarding when you can see a dog that has had a tough start and most of the time has been taught nothing, begin to have the light bulb switched on, happily learning the rules, and discovering the world to be a pretty nice place after all.  And I think they know what our laughter means too.  :-)  ****  mak