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To send donations to help this 100% Volunteer group take care of Great Danes send personal checks or money orders to:

Address for donations only:
Great Dane Angle Network
501 Ridge Country Road
Haslet, TX 76052  

100% of all donated funds go directly to the Medical costs, feeding, equipment, and other direct costs of rescuing Great Danes. There are no overhead costs such as staffing of offices, salaries, etc.

Thank you for your generosity!


Current note:  Chamois is available again, though not due to any problems she has caused.  Her family is taking in an older family member that must bring an aggressive female dog along.  The family is worried that they can not control this situation and that someone might get hurt if this new lodger attacks Chamois.  The family reports that Chamois (also now known as Sierra) is good with people and other pets, walks well on a leash, is a snuggly girl, and minds her manners well in the house.  She is available now and must be out of her home in March.  We are hoping Chamois will find her forever home soon as she tries hard to please and just wants to be loved.


This is CHAMOIS!

Pronounced, Shammy, she is the color of sand, sugar cookies, and Chamois cloth.  She is a blonde with no black mask but with pretty black mascara around her eyes.  She appears to be very young, around 14 months, and has old wounds which look like they are road rash scrapes from possibly being hit by a car or thrown from a truck - all unknown, just guesses.  She exhibits no injuries or limping and is heartworm negative.  Yea!  But she was loaded with internal parasites, skin infections, and calluses and booboos from living in neglectful conditions.  She has a great outgoing, friendly, puppy kind of attitude. She doesn't appear to have had any schooling and walking with her is like being in a ping pong match.  She walks a zigzag pattern, right and left and then scoots in between your legs!  After you get through laughing about it, you see that she has a most willing nature to learn and that she is just an uneducated puppy that will catch on quickly.  As long as she is not concentrating on puppy play.  :-)
She is a very sweet young girl who is now charming everyone who meets her.  She will need a family with patience for puppies, and one in which Chamois can begin to learn her ABC's in manners and basics, for which she promises to be a great student.


Chamois has successfully met several other dogs, with no concern and no aggression.  She is peaceful with them but is VERY interested in the resident cat.  It appears she has not met cats before since she is both inquisitive but hesitant to approach, though our cat and she have checked each other out momentarily nose to nose a couple times without a problem.  Each day Chamois is relaxing more around the cat, leaving her alone even though she is within Chamois's reach.  She even wags at her.  She may take chase if a cat runs, but then so will our other dogs who like the chase but would not hurt our cat.

She is most affectionate with people and meets everyone with a wag and a smile for them.  She follows and leans while she is walking so she can be as close to people as she can get.  :-)  It has been cause for good laughs as legs can get tangled because of her closeness but it is VERY sweet.  Obedience classes will help her learn how to walk and heel in a straight line.  :-)

She appears to want to be with humans more so than any other dogs.  And she is very responsive to corrections, needing to be told only once before she gets the message.  She respects being told 'no'.  She doesn't get up on the couch or bed (yet).  She is learning to sit pretty and loves to ride in the car, sometimes watching where the ride takes her, sometimes lying down nicely.  She sleeps quietly all night long in her crate or any other time it is needed, and so far seems to have excellent house manners.  She doesn't jump up on people, which is very appreciated, and doesn't counter surf.  She will pick up stuffed toys and plastic squeeks to play with by herself.  She appears not to know how to play with other dogs.  She walks away like it isn't her 'thing'.  She is very mannerly and unassuming, well, except that she thinks she must be glued to one of your legs so she can be right there where ever you are...everywhere....she even helps mow the lawn by walking the rows with you and the lawn mower....makes for nice company and all get a walk out of it. She does respect the mower enough to steer clear of it for safety sake.  :-)  Thankfully.  In general, this little girl has a wonderful attitude and a strong desire and willingness to please.

She has lost a lot of weight, and is currently a walking skeleton with all bones showing, having been in animal control for a while, and then the vet kennels while getting her examinations and medical work done.  But she is feeling better already with quality nutrition, a soft bed, and space in which to walk and run now.  She needs a home to nurture her back to health, give her the constant loving she wants more than anything, and one that will appreciate all the tons of love she has to give back.  She will be a wonderfully loving companion dog to the right lucky family.